The living room done right!

13 November 2018

Comfort, warmth and well-being . . . These are the three keywords for creating an inviting cocooning space! Here are five simple and effective decorating tips for setting up your very own cozy cocoon in no time at all.

It’s all about fabric
The idea is to create an ultra-comfortable space that’s cut off from the outside world. For this, fabric becomes a precious ally! A large carpet keeps your feet nice and warm, and long curtains envelop the cold windows for a feeling of warmth. Throws and blankets are also musts for those long winter evenings. Top it all off with cushions of various shapes, colours and textures to create an irresistible area of relaxation!

Say yes to light!
Don’t forget one of winter’s most valuable decorating partners: light! Floor lamps, table lamps and string lights allow you to play around with the lighting in a room so that it adapts to different times of day and occasions.

Add some greenery!
Bring nature indoors by adding vegetation to your décor! Flowers and foliage will add a breath of fresh air to your space while making it more relaxing and cleaning the air.

Stunning renewal
Before winter sets in, go ahead and rejuvenate your living room! Choose a stylish, contemporary shade for one or two walls. This year’s trending colours include natural greens, dark purples, indigo and copper. You’ll discover a warm, serene atmosphere!

Room fragrances to shape your experience
There’s nothing quite like a room fragrance to create a restful environment that promotes calmness while lifting spirits! Fragrant candles, essential oils, indoor sprays and diffusers work magic to instantly transform your room into a soothing space. The top three soothing fragrances are vanilla (there’s nothing like it for awakening childhood memories), lavender (both relaxing and energizing) and citrus (which is most often associated with happiness).

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