The winners of the Confetti Fall 2020 edition

Expired - From January 8, 2021 to January 31, 2021

The big day has arrived! We had the grand prize draw of $ 3,000 as well as the awarding of prizes for the top 100 Confetti members.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all of our members for participating in this edition of the contest!

IMPORTANT: Since the mall is closed until February 8, we will contact all winners at a later date on how to collect their prize when it reopens.


Winner of $3,000 in Place Rosemere gift cards

Mr. Sebastien Paradis


Winner of $1,000 in Place Rosemere gift cards

Mrs. Lama Bechara


Gagnants de 250$ en cartes-cadeaux Place Rosemère

Christiane Croisetiere
Marie-Claire Daneau
Micheline Gauthier
Suzanne Lavoie
Marilyne Mercier
Sandra Portelance
Chantal Roy
Manon St-Hilaire
Sabrina Taddei

Gagnants de 100$ en cartes-cadeaux Place Rosemère

Lydie-Anne Allard
Helene Beaulieu
Lyne Beaulieu
Evelyne Bilodeau
Julie Bonnefille
Johanne Charron
Rose Crespel
Laurie Deslauriers
Julie Desormeaux
Chelsea Domingues
Jennifer Ethier
Fatouma Fendjou Ndayou
Sylvie Forget
Manon Gauthier
Johanne Gingras
Ariane Gosselin
Kristina Kalkhoven
Jocelyne Leduc
cynthia nolet
Andree Helene Otis
Robert Paradis
Aurelie Petit
Josee Roy
Caroline Thibodeau
Olena Zayikina

Gagnants de 30$ en cartes-cadeaux Place Rosemère

Suzanne Allard
José Atonde
Valerie Attenborough
Fazia Bacchus
Alain Barbe
Amelie Barbeau
Natacha Bergeron
Genevieve Bessette
Nathalie Blanchette
Amélie Bonenfant
Nadjet Bouchemal
Charlie Boulanger
Chantal Bourgeois
Veronique Brouillard
Megane Coelho
Cathia Courchesne
JeanFrancois Dagenais
Manon Daigneault
Monique de Grand’Maison
Melanie Depatie
Gerard Deschamps
Marie-Josee Dion
Shirley Dolan
Laurie-Anne Douesnard
Natacha Douville
Nicole Dubreuil
Sylvie Duguay
Francine Filteau
Christine Fontaine
Pierrette Gervais
Sy-Gy Grenier
Christianne Guevremont
Sandra Kingsley
Serge Labelle
Patrick Labelle
Gabrielle Lacroix
France Lafleche
Chantal Laforce
Louise Lallemand
Henriette Lariviere
Micheline Laverdiere
Cynthia Laviolette
Catherine Laviolette
Nathalie Leroux
Marjolaine Levesque
Maude Levesque Michaud
Julie Martin
Joanne Mealing
Juan Carlos Molina
Annick Paquette
Marie Paulo
Martin Prud’homme
Nicole Rousseau
Suzie Roy
Johanne Roy
Christine Russell
Kathia Savard
Sandra St-Amour
Caroline Sylvestre
Ouarda Tabet
Nathalie Tanguay
Sylvie Therrien
Jessica Thiffault
Geneviève Vallières
Karine Vezeau


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