The Perfect Look for Your Office Party!

15 November 2018

Are you worried about making the wrong kind of fashion statement at your holiday office party? Here are a few tips to create an appropriate—and beautiful!—look for the occasion!

Before jumping head first into dress shopping, take the time to ask about any possible dress codes for the event. The next step? Follow the dress code as closely as possible! Feeling over or underdressed can be a real party spoiler! If the invitation doesn’t mention a dress code, the venue and time of the event should be a good indicator of what and what not to wear. For instance, an elegant evening gown is perfect for a soiree in a prestigious hotel, but it wouldn’t quite do the trick for a cocktail party downtown.

Simple and Subtle
It’s all about balance. Choose an outfit that’s sober yet stylish, classy yet original. Take it easy on the sequins, glitter and sparkles . . . You wouldn’t want anyone mistaking you for the Christmas tree! Something else to remember: keep it down to one showpiece! In other words, if you choose an extravagant dress, go easy on the shoes and accessories. On the other hand, if your dress is simple, turn to accessories to glam up your look. That said, a novelty necklace should be paired with discreet earrings. Likewise, the size of a bracelet should be inversely proportional to the size of your rings.

Elegance 101
Too tight, too short, too revealing: three definite no-no’s in a professional setting—no matter your field of work. The same is true for see-through clothes (see-through effects are all the rage right now, but these looks are best kept for parties with friends or family), fabrics that wrinkle easily and sky-high heels, especially if you’re not used to wearing them.

With or Without Tights?
Tights are definitely optional. With the right dress, tights can easily be left in your drawer. If you’re planning on going bare-legged, remember to hydrate your legs in the days leading up to the event and use a self-tanner if needed. On the other hand, if you decide to wear tights, choose a nude colour (some are practically invisible), ombre or sheer. Avoid going too dark as this will make your outfit sterner-looking and less elegant.

A Touch of Fantasy
The holidays are all about enjoying yourself and dressing up! Lace, sequins (in small amounts) and velvet, for instance, are all very festive and elegant materials. And besides black, mauve, emerald green and midnight blue are colours that stand out and are easily accessorized.

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