Mother’s Day
A Springtime Celebration!

8 May 2018

To celebrate Mother’s Day, bring Spring indoors! Our favourite theme? Flowers, of course! They’re everywhere—clothing, accessories … even home décor. Why not make room for them at the dinner table? Here are some floral-inspired ideas for a magnificent and festive table!

1. Start by deciding on the base of your table setting (floral print, solid colour, lace or jute table cloth; stylish table runners or napkins) and take stock of your tableware. It’ll be easier to make a list of what you need!

2. If your table is made of untreated wood, you can go for a simple look by leaving it bare to highlight your other decorative pieces.

3. Turn to pastels—like pale green, pink or lilac—to create a soft mood, or choose bright colours—lemon, fuchsia and orange—for a revitalized feel.

4. Complete the look with spring flowers or green plants that match your décor. Daffodils, tulips, roses, gerberas and sunflowers are sure to enliven your table!

5. Tie your napkins with coloured ribbon and slip in a flower.

6. Make creative use of your objects: set the flowers in a teapot or a watering can, for instance.

7. Consider using glass bowls, bottles and vases; they add a modern touch while creating a friendly atmosphere.

8. Instead of putting all the flowers in one vase, spread them out into small jars.

9. Wooden decorations (bowls, cutting boards, etc.) blend in perfectly with florals, creating a country-style table or even a more contemporary look.

10. All that’s left is to choose your menu to impress your guests from start to finish!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Stokes Chez Farfelu | Kasa Living | La Baie d’Hudson


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