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Published on 24 January 2023

Description du poste

Participate in all store actions and coordination of activities to improve profitability by optimizing sales and reducing costs and expenses. Assist the Manager in all aspects of the job: sales, personnel management, inventory management, accounting.

Principales responsabilities

– Consults with the Manager on matters pertaining to the hiring, training and promotion of store personnel.
– Provide coaching to sales and sales support staff.
– Participate in regular product knowledge training sessions.
– Ensure consistent quality and adherence to customer service practices and processes.
– Handle customer inquiries and complaints in the absence of the manager.
– Manage inventory programs and store merchandise in accordance with company policy and guidelines.
– Ensure employees are aware of and follow company policies and processes for loss prevention.
– Consults with Store Manager in the preparation of employee schedules to ensure adequate staffing is in place and customer service is maintained.
– Understand management reports and use them effectively.
– Follow company processes and guidelines in developing seasonal merchandising plans to ensure effective presentation.
– Maintain store cleanliness and upkeep in accordance with company standards.
– Open and close the store in accordance with company policy and loss prevention process.
– Train staff to optimize sales and gross margins.
– Act as a liaison between the manager and employees to ensure strong and direct communication.
– Ensures that there is sufficient inventory to meet immediate and short term needs.
– Oversees the receiving and shipping of goods.
– Ensure pricing and labeling is done in accordance with company processes.
– Constantly monitor competitive activities.
– In conjunction with the Assistant Department Manager, establish weekly and short-term priorities.
– Oversee and perform purchasing and inventory management.


– Communication skills, both oral and written;
– Management skills – human resources management
– Problem solving skills
– Good judgment
– Good organizational skills
– Good interpersonal skills
– Good knowledge of products and market trends
– Autonomy, leadership, integrity
– Mathematical and computer skills


– Constant communication between employees, manager and assistant manager and ability to listen
– Strong commitment to the store and its employees
– Physical work: moving merchandise

Working Conditions

– Variable work shifts (evenings and weekends)
– Flexibility and willingness to work overtime
– Ability to manage stress

 knowledge required

Education: High school diploma
Training: Management and retail
Experience: Minimum two years


variable work shifts ( evenings and weekends )

Experience required


Contact person

Gabriel Beaucher

To apply

[email protected]
450 437-1933 poste 4308
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