Footwear department manager

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Published on 15 July 2021

Footwear department manager

The department manager is a part of the decision making in store and oversees procedures to grow the store’s sales while reducing expenses. They  also help the Director with a wide range of issues in store : sales, human ressources, stock management and more.

Principales responsabilités

  • ·         Help the Director on subjects such as hiring, training and staff promotions in store.

    ·         Globaly supervise the employees in store.

    ·         Be a part of training sessions for employees regarding product knowledge.

    ·         Oversee the quality of the customer service in store.

    ·         Make sure all employees know and respect the procedures regarding loss prevention.

    ·         Consult the store’s Director regarding the store’s employee schedule to make sure we have the best customer service.

    ·         Understand the management reports and how to use them.

    ·         Make sure the store is always clean and well maintained.

    ·         Make sure we have sufficient stocks available to customers at all times.

    ·         Always be aware of the competition’s activities.

    ·         Elaborate priorities with the assistant manager to maximise sales.

Compétences recherchées

  • ·         Good communications skills both oral and written.

    ·         Ability to manage stocks and human ressources.

    ·         Strong problem solving skills.

    ·         Good judgement.

    ·         Strong organizational skills

    ·         Having good people skills.

    ·         Being able to retain and recall a wide variety of product information

    ·         Autonomy, leadership, integrity.

    ·         Being able to perform tasks under stressful conditions (i.e. when the store is very busy)


Nights / Week-ends

Experience required


Contact person

Gabriel Beaucher

To apply

[email protected]
450-437-1933 poste 4308
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