5 December 2018

Along with the wonderful trends from years ago, 2018 introduces a pop of fantasy to liven up your holiday decor! Whether you choose a nature-inspired look, a minimalistic canvas or traditional style, your Christmas atmosphere will be elegantly doused with a timeless array of holiday cheer!

Baroque fantasy
The idea is to recreate the magnificence and enchantment of this era while introducing a modern and original twist. Gold takes centre stage and blends with darker, more intense colours like brown, midnight blue or dark red. The result is a stylishly refined look with a surprisingly sophisticated appeal.

Traditional decor
New trends are born every year, but traditional Christmas decorations create a welcoming feeling of warmth that’s never outdated. Green and red decorations, Christmas stockings hanging by the fireplace and small golden lights are but a few of the iconic holiday features that revive happy childhood memories and make this time of year so special. A classic tree trimmed with angels, Santa Claus, elves, toy soldiers and pine cones… A timeless look that brings joy to young and old!

Green and sustainable!
More and more people have been going green over the past years. When it comes to Christmas, decorations can also follow this sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Hand-crafted decorations that create a peaceful atmosphere are perfect for this. No more careless purchases or single-use decorations that are harmful for the environment. To create
an authentic Christmas look, tones of green, chocolate brown and orange, along with natural tones, are a perfect match for wood, wool, knits and metal.

Nature-inspired Christmas
Stylish and inviting, nature-inspired decorations are perfect for every corner of the house! Tree branches, green moss, pine cones, wooden planks and brass candlesticks can be placed in the living room or around the dinner table. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a cozy little cabin in the woods! To finish it off, add velvet accent pillows and plaid throws, and get inspired by nature’s wildlife for your tree trimmings.

The lagom look
This Swedish lifestyle is an ode to simplicity, to the happiness that unique moments bring, to the importance of family and to the comfort of cozy interior spaces. Perfectly adapted to Christmas, the lagom lifestyle features candles galore, soft colours and even softer materials. From the dinner table to the tree, a wave of elegantly refined simplicity and minimalism is sweeping over holiday decorations this year.

Beautiful: Inside and out!
While the inside of a gift box is what has everyone looking forward to Christmas morning, the outside of the box should bring just as much joy! Turn to your Christmas decorations for inspiration in wrapping your gifts. Elegant in white and gold, festive in red and green, all-natural in kraft paper, or playful with animal prints…

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