Great Gift Ideas for Great Teachers!

15 June 2018

Are you looking for a little something to offer the teachers who have taken care of your precious little ones throughout the year? Take a look at our suggestions for gifts that are sure to give a smile!!

Made in Quebec
A bottle of fine olive oil, heavenly chocolates, homemade spreads, jellies and jams, handcrafted soap, high-quality hand cream, summer-scented home fragrances … Go local!

A writing journal
A charming journal paired with nice pencils are always a winning combination! Jotting down favourite recipes, keeping travel memories, and everything in between, journals are practical and always well received.

Summer fun!
Cute gardening accessories, a one-of-a-kind beach towel, colourful patio glassware, an outdoor lantern, a summer tablecloth … Decorating stores and big box retailers abound with great ideas to fit every budget!

Freedom of choice
Everyone agrees that Place Rosemère gift cards are always a hit! A gift card to a coffee or ice cream shop, a breakfast restaurant, a bookstore or a chocolate shop is also an excellent idea.

For the cream of the crop!
You can’t go wrong with fresh herbs! Offer a large plant (or several smaller ones) in a nice pot, or in a container decorated by your child. A useful, flavourful gift!

How about a group gift?
If you know any other parents from the class, get together to offer something a little more lavish—supper at a fine restaurant, a massage, a spa package or a bottle of champagne is sure to please!

If your budget doesn’t allow you to offer a gift or if you’re simply not too keen on the idea, keep in mind that teachers are just as grateful when parents take the time to write them a little note. You could even ask your child to make a card in which you can both write a special message!





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