1 May 2018

Prom night! Endless preparation goes into this long-awaited evening of celebration. Outfits, hairstyles, accessories … We’ve got you covered!

The right dress

Whether you’re going for a romantic, rocker, classic, boho or contemporary look, prom dresses come in all styles and colours.

To find the model that best suits you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you prefer a trendy style, a ruffled princess dress or a glamorous sequin dress?
Short or long?
Which colours are most flattering for your skin tone?
Do you plan on wearing it more than once?
Are you the type to create your own style or to follow trends?
What’s your budget?
Once you find the dress of your dreams, be sure to have it properly altered, if needed. Falling shoulder straps and slipping bustiers are neither fun to wear nor fun to look at.

When the shoe fits!

Do you love sky-high heels? Even if you’re used to wearing heels, don’t forget to wear your shoes a few times before the prom to avoid getting hurt. Not too steady on your feet? Ballerinas and sandals are your best bet. Shop smart! Buy a pair that you can easily wear again.

It’s in the bag!

Here’s a tip: when you go shopping, take along the items you plan on bringing to the prom (cash, makeup, cell phone, etc.) and make sure it all fits in the handbag you choose! Many handbags are both stylish and practical, with pockets and a strap or chain to free up your hands. As for the colour, opt for a tone-on-tone look by matching it to the colours of your dress, or give it some punch with a sharp contrast.

Practice makes perfect

You’ll probably want to show off a full face of makeup and a new hairstyle. Whether you’re planning on going to the salon or working the magic yourself at home, keep in mind that it’s best to give it a practice run before the big day to avoid any last-minute mishaps or disappointments. It’s going to be a long (and probably hot!) day, so turn to long-hold, waterproof makeup and frizz-fighting hairspray.

Men’s fashion: Show your colours!

Not a fan of the jacket? Not a problem. Pair a dress shirt with a bow tie and/or suspenders for a show-stopping look! Stylish, yet bold—a growing trend. Strong, vibrant colours, like navy blue and burgundy, can be matched with softer colours like taupe and antique pink. Another budding trend: the modern, minimalist look—no ties or bow ties—with fully buttoned dress shirt and jacket. Classic coordinates never go out of style. Choose a fitted cut and a shirt with a floral pattern or a quirky print, like butterflies, hearts or sports cars. Prints will give your classic look a unique punch of personality.

One last tip: try buying everything at the same place. It makes shopping and matching all the easier. Above all, stay true to yourself by choosing pieces that reflect who you are!



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