ONEPLANET is a Morguard Sustainability Initiative.

We want to demonstrate our responsibility to the community by launching an innovative program that highlights our commitment to sustainability.

We are hard at work to revise, optimize and run the most efficient shopping centres possible.


Together, with employees, tenants and investors, we achieved the following results in 2020:

  • 5.8% reduction in energy use, enough to power 1,756 homes for a year
  • 7.8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to eliminating the annual GHG emissions from over
  • 3,519 passenger vehicles
  • 9.4% reduction in water usage, equivalent to 189 Olympic swimming pools
  • 5,600 metric tons of waste diverted from landfill, equivalent to 552 garbage trucks of waste
  • 14 LEED certified green buildings in operation with 3 properties currently in the certification process
  • 60 properties currently certified through BOMA BEST with 7 properties currently in the certification process
  • 8 consecutive years of recognition as one of Canada’s Safest Employers
  • Morguard was also the recipient of 24 Green Building awards in 2020, ranging from industry to client specific acknowledgements

For more on Morguard’s 2035 long-term objectives, click here.


  • The world produces more than 400 million tons of plastics every year.
  • 66% of bird species across North America are threatened due to climate change.
  • About 1.9 kilograms of non-recyclable solid waste is produced by each Canadian every day.
  • Up to 95% of textiles going to landfill each year could be recycled.
  • Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average.
  • One-third of all crop production requires insect pollination.


Sustainability is a strategic priority for Morguard. Our approach to Responsible Property Investment (RPI) is a best practice in the Canadian real estate industry. Incorporating environmental, social and governance indicators into property business and capital plans, provides investors with critical insights and allows Morguard to manage and operate efficient buildings. With a direct correlation between RPI and investment performance, this process results in value creation and operational excellence.


With a Boma Best* level Gold certification, Place Rosemère is pleased to continue its efforts to continuously improve your shopping environment.

Small, daily gestures that make a big difference!

  • High-tech energy management system. (CVC)
  • Introduction of a recycling system for cans, plastic and paper.
  • Parking spaces reserved exclusively for bicycles.
  • 4 charging stations for electric cars.
  • Use of natural lighting via light shafts with the installation of light detectors to control lighting in the mall.
  • Installation of motion sensors to control lighting in public washrooms, administration office and mechanical rooms.
  • High-efficiency hand dryers to reduce the amount of paper used in public washrooms.
  • Adherence to restrictive standards for recovering construction refuse.
  • Renovation works that encourage the use of energy-efficient materials.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Installation of low discharge toilets, urinals and faucets.
  • Some restaurants already offer recyclable containers and utensils.
  • Interior lighting was changed to LED in common areas.

* Boma Best: Environmental certification program for commercial buildings.


As of April 22, 2021, the City of Rosemère put into effect its new by-law for the ban on plastic bags. All Place Rosemère tenants will unite their efforts to no longer distribute plastic bags and offer reusable bags in compensation.
Click here for more details.


We thank you for using the recycling containers throughout the mall.

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