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With a Boma Best* level Gold certification, Place Rosemère is pleased to continue its efforts to continuously improve your shopping environment.

Small, daily gestures that make a big difference!

  • High-tech energy management system. (CVC)
  • Introduction of a recycling system for cans, plastic and paper.
  • Parking spaces reserved exclusively for bicycles.
  • 4 charging stations for electric cars.
  • Use of natural lighting via light shafts with the installation of light detectors to control lighting in the mall.
  • Installation of motion sensors to control lighting in public washrooms, administration office and mechanicals rooms.
  • High efficiency hand dryers to reduce the amount of paper used in public washrooms.
  • Adherence to restrictive standards for recovering construction refuse.
  • Renovation works that encourage the use of energy efficient materials.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Installation of low discharge toilets, urinals and faucets.
  • Some restaurants already offer recyclable containers and utensils.
  • Interior lighting was changed to LED in common areas.

* Boma Best: Environmental certification program for commercial buildings.

We thank you for using the recycling containers throughout the mall.

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