Take your workout outside!

4 September 2018

The time has come to take advantage of the cooler fall temperatures and take your workout routine outside! Bundle up and feel the positive impacts of breathing in fresh air. Technical clothing, jackets, high-performance footwear … A wide variety of active wear is now available to make your outdoor workouts more enjoyable. Here’s a tip: choose bright colours! Not only will you be visible, you’ll also be stylish!

Base layer
Layering will allow you to create the best possible combinations to handle Mother Nature’s mood swings! In the beginning of fall, when it’s still pretty warm outside, a single base layer worn directly over the skin is all you’ll need. This base layer offers moisture wicking properties to keep you dry. Avoid cotton as it encourages water build-up on the skin instead of expelling it. Opt for breathable fabrics that dry quickly. Your best option is a tight-fighting, breathable long-sleeve shirt that wicks away sweat and dries fast.

Middle layer
When the temperature starts to drop, add on a second layer of light-weight insulating fabric, such as fleece or merino wool, to protect yourself from the cold. Consider a model featuring a high collar with a zipper.

Protective layer
Are the wind and rain putting a damper on your workout? Slip on an extra layer: a waterproof windbreaker that allows humidity to escape. Choose a flexible and stretchable design for maximum freedom of movement.

The best way to avoid fatigue and injury—and to enjoy superior comfort!—is to choose a pair of shoes specifically designed for your type of physical activity. Feel free to ask for advice to find the best model for your needs.

Little extras!
As the weeks go by, you will have to add a few pieces to your outfit: gloves, a headband or tuque, a neck warmer and high-quality socks to keep your feet warm.

3 good reasons to exercise outside!

1.   Compared to the indoors, outdoor workouts offer greater stimulation to the brain. Having to remain alert to your environment has a positive impact on your mental alertness, memory and ability to concentrate.

2.   Recent studies show that outdoor exercise renders better results in terms of alertness, enthusiasm and pleasure, and effectively reduces fatigue, stress and anxiety.

3.   You spend more energy outside! It therefore takes less time to achieve a certain level of fitness and calorie burning.


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