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Code of conduct

  • Loitering is prohibited
  • Solicitation is prohibited
  • No animals are allowed inside the mall (except for guide dogs or dogs-in-training from the Mira Foundation)
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and cannabis is not tolerated on the property
  • It is forbidden to circulate by bike, skateboard or any other motorized item on the mall
  • Shoes must be worn
  • Any disruptive behavior is prohibited
  • The limit speed is 3km / hre for electric wheelchairs and wheelchairs
  • Shopping baskets are prohibited in all common

Legalization of Cannabis

The government of Canada has legalized the sale of marijuana, effective October 17, 2018.

Morguard / Place Rosemère has been working hard to ensure that this significant change to the retail environment is carefully managed. Creating a comfortable and safe environment for our clientele and staff is our highest priority.

Morguard / Place Rosemère

We work closely with our retail tenants to ensure only legal products are being sold, and – in some cases, alcohol for example – only to adults with appropriate proof of age.

We are monitoring developments closely, and continue an ongoing dialogue with government representatives and police on this important change in law.

Marijuana retailers

New recreational marijuana retailers are required to obtain approval by local and provincial governments prior to opening, and to meet or exceed strict government standards.

Security staff

We are equipping our shopping centre security staff with the information and training they need to enforce our rules under this new law to maximize everyone’s safety and comfort.

Both smoking, tobacco and/or cannabis, and vaping are prohibited throughout the centre and within 9m of all doors, and security will continue to strictly enforce this.

Law enforcement

We’ve invested much time over the years in establishing close and transparent relationships with local police, and those relationships will play an important role in this new era.

Our visitors

We listen closely to our visitors on many issues, and value their input. Views on the legalization of marijuana and its impact on Place Rosemère can be shared using the contact information below. All views are welcome.

Please share your opinions here: [email protected]

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