10 Tips for a Stress-Free Back-To-School Season!

14 August 2018

This year, let’s get organized!

Tracking down school supplies, cracking open the books, settling into a more rigid routine . . . Back-to-school is often a stressful time for parents and kids alike.

10 tips and tricks for kicking off the school year with a smile!

      1. Did you know that it takes several days to catch up on a one-hour time change?
        The GOAL is to get back on track, slowly but surely. About ten days before the first day of school, start waking the kids up earlier. Work on getting them to bed earlier and setting fixed meal times.
      2. It’s time to dust off your strategy and memory games. Sharpen focus gradually through play! It’s also time to add reading to your daily routine if it was set aside during the summer holidays.
      3. Go through your children’s closets and make a list of what they need in order of priority. This way, you can spread out your shopping over several weeks and take advantage of sales throughout the fall.
      4. Family planners are a MUST! Use one to jot down all your activities in large squares so that every member of the family can see them easily and quickly. Use different highlighters and follow a colour code: green for appointments, blue for after-school activities and sports, pink for adult activities and yellow for family activities, for example.
      5. If there’s one school item you shouldn’t stinge on, it’s the BACKPACK! Size, closures, straps, weight, pockets . . . There are many features to check and several rules to follow to avoid causing your child injuries or posture problems. Take the time to research the various options beforehand or ask for advice from an in-store sales consultant.
      6. Do mornings feel like chaos? Set a routine for each child (make your bed, brush your teeth, pack your backpack, put your dishes in the dishwasher, etc.) and post their to-do lists in full view on their bedroom door or on the fridge.
      7. To leave on time in the morning, create a playlist ? that is the same length as the time you have to get ready. The last song will be a cue for the kids that it’s almost time to leave!
        GO GO GO!
      8. Take advantage of summer deals and make sure to stock up on supplies for home: pencils, erasers, lined sheets, large cardboard sheets for oral presentations, etc. Keep everything in a drawer, a basket or a cabinet near your children’s homework corner. Suggestion: use wall-mounted shoe racks to organize your supplies!
      9. Investing in the right lunchbox accessories is a practical, cost-effective, not to mention environmentally-friendly decision. Avoid plastic bags—back-to-school is the perfect time to replenish your lunchbox accessories. Here are the basics: washable canvas bags and airtight containers of various shapes and sizes, reusable utensils, a stainless steel thermos, a water bottle and ice packs.
      10. Back-to-school may not be the most relaxing time for parents, but we mustn’t spread our anxiety to our little ones.
        Yes, it’s the end of summer, but it’s also the beginning of an exciting adventure full of new projects! To boost your troops and make the summer vibe linger on, why not plan a family dinner at a restaurant or a last picnic under the sun before the first day of school?

      Enjoy your return to school everyone!

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